Plus Size: An Unintended Romance

A long-term romance for a voluptuous plus-size woman evolved almost unconsciously. Kwame Mainu’s life became inextricably interwoven with that of his first love, Comfort Opokua, whose strong material ambition at first compounded Kwame’s dilemma of whether to seek his fortune overseas or stay to serve his homeland, Ghana. Through the course of two decades, Kwame wooed and married Comfort, was abandoned because of his lack of material progress, and slowly regained her respect and companionship through years of dedication to his work.

While they were still married Comfort tried to help a visitor from England by introducing him to two of her friends but the man was presented with a difficult choice. He was first attracted to Afriyie, who like Comfort was dark-skinned and had a fuller figure. He liked Afriyie’s elegant traditional dress and natural hairstyle, and her bulging bodice enslaved his gaze while liberating his imagination. However, through the agency of the powers of darkness, it was suspected, the Englishman was persuaded to marry the second girl who is described as tall and slim and of light brown complexion.

After Comfort abandoned Kwame, Afriyie moved in to keep house and care for Kwame’s young daughter. When Kwame was forced to leave Ghana, Afriyie accompanied him to England. Kwame worked on a project to help small-scale industries in Ghana, and had opportunities to visit Kumasi where Comfort was living in a large and elegant house in the ‘Garden City’ of Nhyiasu. Comfort had gained the help of some Lebanese friends to build a successful business and at first Kwame felt overawed and emasculated by her relative affluence.

Kwame’s project involved bringing Ghanaian academics to England and attracted the attention of drug traffickers seeking innocent couriers. He was faced with the problem of preventing this illegal activity and preserving the integrity of his work in the face of opposition from a senior professor who referred to Kumasi as a den of thieves. However when the professor visited Kumasi to investigate for himself he was charmed by Comfort and persuaded that Kwame had solved the problem.

Through shared adventures and tragic events, as well as Kwame’s growing status and affluence, the relationship was re-established, and Kwame planned to return to permanent residence in the Garden City. Through the good fortune of temporary employment in England and Comfort’s business success in Ghana, Kwame was able to combine personal well-being with a lifetime dedicated to the development of his home country. In the end, the love of a good woman featured as an essential factor in solving his vital dilemma.

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Source by John Powell

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