Picking Out a Plus Size Wedding Guest Dress

Here’s what you expect in a plus size wedding guest dress – it needs to look great, fit like a dream, the cut and the style needs to somehow accentuate your radiant face and bust while taking attention off any bulges or cellulite. Go to a store to buy such a dress, and online or off, what you get is slightly different. You get a dress that probably wasn’t designed for any real human proportions, it’s filled with the kind of pattern you remember seeing on your great-grandmothers wallpaper, and it’s just too frilly to be taken seriously.

How do you find a wedding guest dress that’s all of the former and none of the latter? Well, you could first try to tell yourself that you need to give it time. Plus size dresses are not that easy to find as it is; when you’re looking for something specific for a wedding, it can only get harder. To make sure that you don’t get fed up and just accept whatever dress they give you that they probably made out of left over curtain material, give the shopping process at least three months before the wedding.

The first thing you want to do before you set out shopping for the right kind of plus size wedding guest dress, is to make sure that you know what the deal is with the dress code at the wedding you’re going for. Basically, if it’s going to be an informal wedding and everyone shows up in T-shirts and capris, you don’t want to go in a slinky black number and stand out.

Whatever dress code you’ve learned they have, there are a few basic rules to do with wedding guest dress shopping. You don’t want to go with an all-white or all-black ensemble, for obvious reasons, and you don’t want to come in dressed to kill – as this might upstage the bride. If it’s an informal wedding, a nice and personable dress would be nice; in a formal wedding, a sharply-tailored knee-length dress would be an excellent choice. Usually, floor-length dresses are reserved for the bridesmaids; so that wouldn’t be a good idea.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a plus size wedding guest dress at your favorite clothing outlet, you’ll probably find it at specialist dealers like Catherine’s, Sydney’s Closet or Roaman’s.

Many women who attend weddings let questions to do with the choice of outfit stress them out. Certainly, plus size dresses can be slightly harder to find than a regular dress. But all you need is to give yourself a little time. These dresses are far easier to find today thanks to the offerings placed at your disposal by online shopping websites. All it needs a little preparation and time.

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Source by Meggan Boggs

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